Friday, July 2, 2010

El Paso Doc indicted for health care fraud-related crimes

The United States has charged El Paso doctor Anthony Valdez with carrying out an estimated $41 million fraudulent health care benefit program billing scheme. Valdez is the owner of the Institute of Pain Management with clinics in El Paso and San Antonio. There is no indication that there is a companion qui tam case. However, the feds are also seeking forfeiture of the good doctor's assets, toys (5 vehicles, a house in San Antonio and El Paso), and a cool $41 million.

My take on the case: Dr. Valdez got the attention several G-men, ranging from the FBI to the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) to the IRS-CID (not people you want to mess with). Both the US Attorney’s Office and the Texas Attorney General are involved. No indication that there is a companion qui tam case, but these cases are typically started by an inside whistle blower. Because DCIS and TRICARE are involved, it looks like soldiers and their dependents stationed at Ft. Bliss may have been victimized.

Here is the DoJ press release:

Valdez Medfraud Ind

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