Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fraudulent Medicare Billing for Test Results in $92,000 Settlement

Dr. Ray Silao from Yuma, Arizona will pay $92,000 to settle charges by the federal government that he violated the False Claims Act by falesly billing Medicare for certain tests for patients who did not qualify for Medicare coverage of the tests. He is the third Arizona doctor to settle a claim in 2010 related to fraudulent provision of the thoracic electrical bioimpedance (TEB) test. Earlier settlements with two Arizona physicians resulted in an additional $825,000 paid back to the government. To read the full story by reporter James Gilbert, click here.

If you know of the wrongful billing of Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare for TEB or any other tests or lab work, you can go to to make a report.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


奥巴马政府由于过去两年来由于实施四十亿美金改进马萨诸塞洲欺诈行动计划而受到好评.但是这些改进不仅仅打击减少马萨诸塞洲欺诈犯罪活动. 举例来说, 其中有二十三亿美金用于辉瑞制药公司的整改.而且奥巴马政府也因改进了多数过去在布什政府之下的调查员所做的工作而赢得声誉.然而进步是必须要的, 历届政府都应从政治的领域致力于: 避免由于医疗补助和医疗保险的欺诈犯罪而产生的每年约54亿美金的资源浪费和滥用. 奥巴马医改投入的350万美金将会为打击欺诈犯罪提供有利的工具和资源,也就是说政府将会投入大量新型和昂贵的计算机软硬件设备去提高和改善该领域的工作条件和水平.

ObamaCare adds $350 million to funds for healthcare fraud investigations

US Attorney General Eric Holder has noted that the government has recovered $4 billion in fraud in Massachusetts over the past two years. The recoveries are based on fraud that was perpetrated nationwide – for example, the government settled with Pfizer over numerous off-label and kickback allegations last year for $2.3 billion dollars.

Progress is certainly being made, and all efforts will be needed to combat what is currently estimated to be a $54 billion dollar problem – waste and abuse caused by fraudsters to the Medicaid and Medicare programs annually. ObamaCare will add $350 million to get new fraud fighting tools and resources - a welcome help in a large battle.

Read the excellent Associated Press article by Glen Johnson here

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Another large Qui Tam case settles - Dey Pharma agrees to pay $280 million

Dey pharmaceuticals company is paying the US government $280 million over charges that it reported false and inflated prices for drugs including Albuterol inhalers and other drugs including Cromolyn Sodium, and Ipratropium Bromide. This case involved marketing the "spread", or the difference between what Medicaid and Medicare will pay and a discounted price for health care providers. Dey was charged with offering the lower price to customers, but falsely reporting a higher sales price to the government.

Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice said “ Taxpayer-funded kickback schemes like this not only cost federal health care programs millions of dollars, they threaten to undermine the integrity of the choices health care providers make for their patients.”
For more information on this type of fraud, go to the Stop Government Fraud website.

12-20-10 DOJ Press Release - Dey 280 Million Settlement