Monday, January 10, 2011

The Future of the Military Health Care System

Secretary Gates recently announced the Department of Defense will be seeking ways to cuts its budget.  The costs for providing health care to the military continue to climb at a higher rate than other costs.   More importantly, the report outlines how the military can and will seek to control its health care costs.  Fraud is a major reason why costs continue to increase.  Many of my qui tam cases involve providers committing fraud against TRICARE.  We have also seen first hand how some crooked soldiers enroll their friends and distant relatives into DEERS (which makes them eligible for TRICARE benefits), despite their ineligibility.  As it relates to the military, health care fraud is truly a national security issue because it misallocates money from the troops to fraudsters. 

Below is the report.

Tricare Report Dec. 2007                                                            

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