Sunday, February 13, 2011

Active duty Army doc pleads guilty

Active duty Army doctor Major Jason L. Davis and the Department of Justice have struck a deal.  The Department of Justice charged Major Davis with the criminal offense of accepting a supplement to his federal salary.  The plea agreement (see below) states Boston Scientific paid Major Davis to allow its employees to watch him implant cardiac devices.  Boston Scientific and Major Davis called these illegal kickbacks as "training payments."  Fortunately, DoJ was not fooled by this ruse. 

It appears that the medical device industry and big pharma are targeting military doctors.   Corruption within the military must never be tolerated.  An ethical and corruption-free military is what separates the United States from almost every other country in the world.  We should be ever diligent to prevent this form of corruption.  Major Davis' illegal acts reflect poorly upon all military doctors and officers.

It would  interesting to find out why the Army did not court-martial Major Davis.  Questions should be asked.  For example, did DoJ get involved only because the Army wanted to cover up corruption in its ranks?  Who reported the fraud?  Regardless, it's refreshing to see DoJ clean up this corruption. 
The plea agreement is below.  Click here for a link to the story in the Army Times.  I'll report back after Major Davis is sentenced.  If you have more information about this case, please contact me. 

U.S. v. Major Davis (Plea Agreement)                                                            

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