Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do white-collar criminals have different brains?

I've always wondered what possesses a doctor who is making $500K/yr to risk prison by bilking Medicare.  It seems the brains of white-collar criminals may be different.   The Independent reports:

People who commit "white collar" crime such as credit-card fraud and computer hacking have been found to have brains that are structurally different from the brains of non-criminals with similar backgrounds, scientists have found.  Psychological tests on white-collar criminals also showed that they were better at making decisions in the kind of "higher executive" brain functions associated with being good at business, researchers said.  The study found that, in effect, white-collar criminals had more grey matter than a comparable group of non-criminals, suggesting that there may be a biological basis for this kind of criminal behaviour, according to Adrian Raine, a criminologist at the University of Pennsylvania. 

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