Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas

In a landmark case, the Texas Attorney General's Office showed that Pharma shouldn't Mess With Texas.  With Medicaid costs skyrocketing, often due to fraud committed by pharma companies feeding at the government's trough, the Texas Attorney General's Office obtained at $170 million jury verdict in an average wholesale price case.  Here is a link to the Tex. AG's  press release.  The jury verdict is below.  Kudos to Asst. Tex. AG Ray Winter and his team.  Pretty good for an Aggie.  Also congrats to Jarrett Anderson (also an Ag), Glenn MacTaggart, Jim Bream, and the Ven-A-Care team for protecting the Medicaid program and Texas taxpayers. 

Texas Ex Rel Ven-A-Care v Alpharma Verdict                                                            

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