Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free med journals -- are they just slick ads from Pharma

Pharmalot has a blog post stating "Those free medical journals - which are sent at no cost to doctors and are financed by pharma ads - are much more likely to recommend drugs that are mentioned in its pages than journals that are funded by subscription fees, according to a new study.  Consequently, some physicians may not readily notice any possible bias as they go about absorbing information needed for patient care."

Click here to view the study.  The abstract states "There is evidence to suggest that pharmaceutical companies influence the publication and content of research papers."  And here is the study's conclustion:

Free journals almost exclusively recommended the use of the specified drugs, whereas journals financed entirely with subscription fees tended to recommend against the use of the same drugs. Doctors should be aware of this bias in their use of material published in medical journals that focus on continuing medical education.

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