Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sen. Grassley--the strongest supporter of the False Claims Act

Among all the U.S. Senators, Sen. Grassley (R. Iowa) has been the strongest supporter of the False Claims Act.  As reflected by Sen. Grassley's comments, the FCA enjoys bipartisan support.  Click here for his press release from yesterday.  Here is an excerpt:

The federal False Claims Act is one of the most effective tools against health care fraud. I authored a major update of this law, in 1986, with Rep. Howard Berman of California. Since then, it has recovered more than $28 billion and deterred billions of dollars in additional fraud against the taxpayers. The qui tam whistleblower provisions that were created by our 1986 update are among the most successful elements of the False Claims Act. These provisions allow average citizens who learn about fraud to report it and file suit to recover tax dollars that have been lost to fraud. This year, the False Claims Act brought in $3 billion in recoveries, with $2.5 billion from health care fraud cases, and nearly $2.4 billion of the recoveries thanks to the qui tam whistleblowers provisions. I’ve worked repeatedly to fortify and protect this statute. It’s effective and, as a result, there are constant attempts to weaken or even gut the law.  

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