Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Medicaid for the dead? It's Dia de los Medicaid Muertos in New Mexico.

HHS-OIG found that the New Mexico Medicaid program paid for services allegedly provided to dead people.  (It's Dia de los Medicaid Muertos in my second favorite state--click here to see why it's my second favorite state).  

See the report below. Here is an excerpt:  "The State agency made Medicaid payments for capitation and fee-for-service claims that followed recipients’ dates of death. Of the 2,122 claims we reviewed, the State agency paid $948,554 for 1,882 claims that were appropriate or identified as overpayments and the funds recovered. Of the remaining 240 claims, the State agency paid a total of $23,708 ($16,966 Federal share) for 53 claims for 11 deceased Medicaid recipients. We were not able to determine the death status of 18 recipients who had 187 claims totaling $105,229."
HHS-OIG Report (New Mexico Death Payments)

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