Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ohio seeks to enact a False Claims Act--Republicans on the vanguard

One appealing aspect of a False Claims Act is it enjoys bi-partisan support.  Ohio, which doesn't have a FCA, appears to be on the cusp of enacting one through the strong efforts of its staunch-conservative Attorney General Mike DeWine.  Here is how the Columbus Dispatch reports on recent developments in Ohio:

A "whistleblower" law to give protection -- and a financial incentive -- to people who provide information about alleged fraud in state spending was backed today by Attorney General Mike DeWine.  "More than half the states have it. The federal government has it. They have a good experience with it," DeWine said at a Statehouse press conference. "At a time when every penny counts, we must do all we can to recover as much as possible for Ohio and our taxpayers."  The state False Claims Act is being introduced by two Republican senators: Jim Hughes of Columbus and Scott Oelslager of North Canton. It must be passed by both chambers and signed by the governor to become law.  The proposal would provide protection for people who come forward with information about fraudulent spending -- and a share of the amount recovered if the case is successfully prosecuted.

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