Monday, April 4, 2011

Thomson Reuters Launches New Service to Combat Healthcare Fraud, Waste, Abuse

Thomson Reuters announced that it is a rolling out a new service to combat health care fraud.  Here is how T-R describes its new service.
CLEAR for Healthcare Fraud takes specific industry data and key provider content such as NPI (National Provider Identifier) numbers, sanctions data and professional licensing information, and combines it with a deep collection of utility records, cell phone data and other public records, to provide a powerful search tool that can pinpoint not just minor data aberrations, but true inconsistencies warranting further investigation. The results of those investigations can help remove fraudulent healthcare providers from Medicare and Medicaid payrolls and recover billions of dollars in wasteful spending.
Here are a few more examples of the kinds of results CLEAR for Healthcare Fraud can deliver:
  • A medical transportation company reports a suspiciously high number of transports. A search in CLEAR’s records turns up only two vehicle registrations for that company, prompting an investigation.
  • A fraudulent medical provider moves to a new state under a new name to avoid being caught. But she signs up for utility service under her real name. An investigator searching in CLEAR for Healthcare Fraud – which includes utility records data – finds her, and she is arrested by local law enforcement officials.

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