Monday, June 6, 2011

Sleep Fraud

From the DoJ:  "Areté Sleep LLC, Areté Sleep Therapy LLC and Areté Holdings LLC have agreed to pay the United States $650,000 to settle allegations that their sleep medicine and durable medical equipment facilities in Arizona and Texas submitted false claims to Medicare, the Justice Department announced today. Today’s settlement resolves False Claims Act allegations that, from Nov. 1, 2002, through Dec. 31, 2009, Areté made false claims to Medicare for diagnostic sleep tests performed by technicians lacking the licenses or certifications required by Medicare rules and regulations. The settlement also resolves related allegations that Areté made false claims to Medicare for medical devices resulting from these same technicians’ tests."

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  1. I never sleep walked or had seizures before using cpap. Wife and I have 2 million safe driving awards with Prime inc of Springfield MO. Was put on cpap February 2012. Wife was driving about 60 when I sleepwalked out of semi while on cpap device June 8/2012. I had never sleepwalked before. 10/1/12 trying to get compliant I had a seizure. Now we are out of work.