Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is the Government Making the Most Out of Whistleblower Statutes?

See the video from “Is the Government Making the Most out of Whistleblower Statutes?” at the 2011 Washington Whistleblower Assembly.  

I practice with Paul Lawrence.  He is a very talented qui tam lawyer.   
Here is a description of the program: Recoveries under the Federal False Claims Act have been over 20 billion since 1986 and some are claiming success. With Medicare-Medicaid fraud alone estimated at 60 billion dollars per year, are we really doing all that we can under the law? With cases investigated and settled under seal, are the cases being used to expose wrongdoing or conceal it? Are settlements punishing companies or setting a license fee for the right to break the law? How can we better use the statute for the benefit of the Government and taxpayers? The panel will also ask the question: “Now that Dodd-Frank allows bounties to be paid to whistleblowers, what problems can we expect and what lessons can be learned from experiences under the False Claims Act?”

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