Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tex. HB 300 - an attempt to crack down on Dental and Ortho Medicaid Fraud

Texas officials have realized that it has a huge dental and orthodontal Medicaid fraud problem -- to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year.  In response to Frew v. Suehs, the 2007 Legislature appropriated $1.8 billion to expand access to preventative services in children’s Medicaid including medical and dental checkups and service. 

However, hundreds of crooked Texas dentists and orthodontists have used that pot of money as their personal ATM machine to fund their lavish lifestyles (jets, mansions, and jewels). 

Who pays for this fraud?  Taxpayers, honest dentists, and, most of all, kids. 

Read the report, starting at page 26.  
Healthcare Trans From at Ion Waiver

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