Sunday, February 19, 2012

Texas Medicaid program $15 Billion in the hole

Two key leaders of Gov. Rick Perry's team highlighted growing budget problems in separate speeches this week, with one projecting at least a $15 billion hole in the Medicaid program . . .
Where is the money going?  No one knows for sure.

Dental Medicaid fraud, however, is out of control and driving Texas bankrupt.  While the Texas Attorney General's Office is aggressive and stocked with great lawyers and investigators, only whistleblowers will be able to bring to justice the crooks who are ripping off taxpayers and harming patients.

Who can be whistleblower?  Anyone who has original information about Medicaid fraud.  Dentists, dental assistants, office managers, and even patients have all successfully brought fraud cases against dental mills that are committing Medicaid fraud.  Most states have very good laws to protect whistleblowers.  Texas has an excellent law that protects whistleblowers and rewards them with 10 to 30% of what is recovered from those who commit fraud.  And because whistleblowers are afraid of retaliation, a fraud (qui tam) case is filed under seal and remains sealed for a significant period of time.  

Click here, here, and here for background.  

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