Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on Major (Dr.) Jason Davis - - US Army - Boston Scientific health care fraud

I've blogged in the past about U.S. Army Major (Dr.) Davis -- who is a convicted criminal yet remains on active duty with the Army.   

Recently, the State of Washington, Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance Commission suspended his medical license on probation for up to 24 months.  

Some of the allegations against Davis included:
In violation of federal law and Army regulations, [Major Davis] accepted a salary, meals, wine, alcohol, travel, and entertainment from a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boston Scientific, a manufacturer of cardiac rhythm management devices.  Specifically, Respondent was paid an illegal salary by Boston Scientific to conduct training during surgery that [Major Davis] performed as part of his official duties as an Army cardiologist.  

In response to the allegations concerning [Major Davis], the Department of Defense and US Army initiated an investigation of Boston Scientific.  In October 2010, Boston Scientific's subsidiary reached a settlement with the US Attorney in which the company agreed to pay the United States $600,000.  The settlement agreement was premised on the US Attorney's allegations that Boston Scientific's subsidiary had provided gratuities and payments to Respondent "for or because of official acts that [the company] hoped [Respondent] would perform or had performed related to [Madidan's] purchase of [the company's] products."
Let me know if you have FOIAed the Army's investigation.  Let me know whether the Army has initiated involuntary separation of Major Davis?

I'll post the other documents later. 

Lesson learned: 
  • The Army must scrupulous monitor its relationships with industry.  
  • Lesson to military docs: these companies are giving you things not because you are a good doc, but because you are merely a tool that a company uses to make money, more money than you could imagine.  
  • And remember, it was a whistleblower, another Army doc, who broke this story. Without his courage, this would have never seen the light of day.
Below are pleadings from the St. of Washington Dept. of Health. 
Stmt of Allegations - St. of Wash. v. Major Davis
Stipulation to Informal Disposition -- St. of Wash. v. Major Davis

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  1. Maj. Davis is still in the Army as of this time. No consequences at all. Lesson? Fraud is no big deal.