Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shockng: some politicians in the hip pocket of dental mills and private equity

Click here for the Bloomberg story.

Who is going to protect patients?  

Who is going to protect taxpayers?

Who is going to protect the profession?

Click here for a link to the North Carolina Dental Society's views on the bill.  Here is what is at the heart of this fight: big business joined with big government to dominate the market and squeeze out the little guy.  This excerpt sums up what's at stake:
Question: If a dental management corporation is operating illegally, isn’t it the responsibility of the State Board of Dental Examiners to investigate and take corrective action?
Yes; however, some of these corporations have disguised their later-proven-illegal actions, made false assertions and withheld documents to delay the progress of litigation. These actions have greatly increased the Board’s investigation and litigation costs.
It is the responsibility of the Board to investigate, address any violations, and prevent future illegalities by the dental management companies. This legislation gives them the tools and authority to effectively preserve the dentist/patient relationship and maintain a high quality of care.
In other words, the private equity firms want your tax dollars but they sure as Hell don't want accountability.   If these fat cats prevail, then taxpayers, patients, and solo practitioners are all screwed.   

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