Thursday, January 17, 2013

Qui Tam Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong

Since the guy confessed to cheating, I thought it appropriate to post this qui tam lawsuit, filed by Floyd Landis against Lance Armstrong and others. You know what they say about payback.

Click here for an earlier blog post on this matter. 


  1. I find it interesting that the DOJ will join suit on a cancer-survivor, but will not interview 15 witnesses to recover $ 50+ Million from ITT for overcharging in Kuwait under Qui Tam 09-cv-00145-MSK-MJW_Barnes filed in Federal Court and was covered up and sealed by Magistrate Judge Watanabe, TODD SWEENY ( DCIS ), and DOJ AMANDA ROEQUE and STANLEY ALDERSON. Recover the money Amanda. What did the DOJ and Army get from ITT to not investigate ? ITT trafficked Americans ( thousands ) to be a subcontractor of a Kuwait company called KRH. So, with the help of the DOJ, the ongoing corruption of the Army goes on in Kuwait. Bravo Amanda. You deserve a medal along with Stanley Alderson for this cover-up caper.

    1. I to have sued KRH just recently. KRH is currently being sued by more than 50 people. The owner is Mohamed Khanna and KRH is owned by Beyout Investment Group Holdings. If you want to know why the case was sealed and swept under the rug ask yourself why everything is so plain and in sight yet nobody does a damn thing.

      They are following a money trail to a much bigger problem folks. Some of these "sponsors" are involved in financing the bad guys and not just ripping us off monetarily.

      It is puzzling with all that I have learned why the government continues to let companies partner up with suck "sponsors."

      I am sure the devil is in the details.

  2. DOJ Amanda Roeque should resign


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